Bien choisir ses huiles essentielles pour parfumer sa lessive

How can you have clean, fragrant laundry without using synthetic perfumes? By using essential oils, of course! Essential oils are good for our laundry. They have the power to perfume and disinfect laundry. From washing to drying to ironing, essential oils are a safe bet every day. Lavender for an air of Provence, sweet orange for a summer scent, peppermint for an exotic note … a great variety of aromas exist for us to enjoy. How to choose your essential oils to perfume your laundry? Here are our possible responses.

Healthy, clean laundry thanks to essential oils!

Make your own detergent with essential oils

Natural and easy to make, homemade laundry soap has it all. As well as washing your clothes efficiently, it’s good for your skin as well as the environment. In addition, the ingredients used to make it are products that are usually already in our cupboards. Here are two homemade detergent recipes: one for routine washing and the other for stubborn stains.

Marseille soap homemade detergent recipe

To make this homemade essential oil detergent recipe, you need Marseille soap, white vinegar, boiling water and essential oils. Melt 100 grams of Marseille soap in 3 litres of boiling water. Add 10 tablespoons of white vinegar to the mix. Let the mixture cool, then add 5 drops of the essential oil of your choice, lavender or eucalyptus essential oil, for example. This formula is made for routine washing.

Black soap homemade detergent recipe

Start by mixing 200 ml of black soap with 700 ml of hot water. Then add 30 grams of baking soda and 30 grams of soda crystals. Wait until the mixture becomes homogeneous before adding two drops of the essential oil of your choice. Once cooled, place the mixture in an airtight glass container. This recipe helps get rid of hard-to-remove stains.

Use a store-bought detergent

There’s nothing better than essential oils to perfume your laundry, especially if you use an ecological fragrance-free detergent. Just add two drops of essential oil of lavender, sweet orange or exotic verbena to your detergent for a wonderful summer scent. In the dryer, you can also add a cloth soaked in essential oil to your laundry for even more fragrance. Be careful, however, with certain essences such as cinnamon or mandarin essential oils. Although they smell great, these coloured oils can stain your laundry.

Note that essential oils for home laundry cannot withstand high temperatures. They can lose their effect above 30°C. So it’s essential to reduce the temperature of your essential oil laundry as much as possible to enjoy the benefits of your products to the max.

Fragrance your clean linen with essential oils!

Did you know that due to their volatility, the aroma of essential oils evaporates very easily? So for the result to be really effective, you need 5 ml of essential oil for about 1 litre of detergent. Of course, you can use less essential oil, but the results won't be the same. If you want to save your essential oils while still making your linen smell great, use your ironing water and essential oil diffuser!

Essential oils to perfume your ironing water

Take a spray bottle and pour in 50 ml of 70° alcohol, 25 ml of orange blossom hydrosol, 50 drops of sweet orange essential oil and 25 ml of water. Then you just need to mix everything well and spray the mixture on your laundry during ironing. Don’t put this mixture in the water reservoir of your steam iron, as it can damage it quite quickly.

Essential oils in diffusion to perfume your laundry

For nicely scented laundry, feel free to use your essential oil diffuser. Place your diffuser in your wardrobe. Not only do essential oils leave a delicate scent on closets and clothes, but some can naturally repel moths and insects. Feel free to choose an Aromasound diffuser for a 2-in-1 effect: sanitise your room while perfuming your wardrobe. By spreading throughout the room, the scents mean you can benefit from the stress-reducing, relaxing properties of your essential oils.

Which essential oils to perfume your laundry?

The choice is vast. However, for your laundry to be perfectly sanitised, go for essential oils with antibacterial, purifying properties. Lavender, lemon and sweet orange essential oils are great for fragrancing your laundry.

Organic lavender essential oil

This essential oil is highly valued for its insecticidal and antibacterial properties. It boosts the antimicrobial power of soap and adds a sweet Provençal scent to your laundry.Lavender essential oil can also be diffused in your wardrobe for fresh, relaxing scents.

Organic lemon essential oil

Rich in limonene, a naturally antiseptic molecule, lemon essential oil is ideal for disinfecting your laundry. Organic lemon essential oil can be added directly to your detergent or diffused in your wardrobe.

Organic sweet orange essential oil

Antibacterial and purifying, sweet orange essential oil scents and cleans your laundry thoroughly. You can add it to your homemade detergent to bring softness and freshness to your clothes and laundry.

Go for certified organic essential oils to perfume your laundry

Organic essential oils to diffuse stand out for their high concentration of active ingredients and high energy power. Respectful of health and the environment, their extraction process avoids any harmful solvent and their pesticide content is negligible, if not zero. They’re ideal for atmospheric diffusion at home. What’s more, the presence of certification guarantees the eco-responsible production of these essential oils. 

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