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Find a low-cost essential oil diffuser for your home

An inexpensive and readily accessible essential oil diffuser

Essential oils are good for us. Diffused into the air, they soothe us, help us sleep, combat stress, and boost our mood, energy and well-being. And what's great is that this well-being is accessible to everyone. Choose an inexpensive, stylish and versatile essential oil diffuser from Aromasound.

How do I choose an inexpensive essential oil diffuser?

Before discovering the delights of aromatherapy, you first need to choose an essential oil diffuser. As well as your preferences and goals, there are other criteria to consider.

1. Diffusion method

There are several diffusion methods: hot or cold nebulisation, evaporation, ultrasonic and cool mist. Heat can change or damage essential oil molecules. Therefore, to preserve all their qualities and properties, without changing their composition, we recommend choosing a cool diffusion method. Diffusers that use nebulisation, evaporation, misting and ultrasound don't heat and therefore don't alter the qualities of natural plant extracts.

The benefit of a cool mist diffuser, which uses water, is that it also acts as a humidifier. It transforms essential oil and water into a light and pleasant mist. Our Symphoney model is a cool mist diffuser. It fills the room with scent and humidifies the air at the same time. The technology we favour at Aromasound is inaudible ultrasonic diffusion. It can operate with or without water, respects essential oil synergies and is silent. It is a modern diffusion method and is easy to clean.

2. Features included

First and foremost, your diffuser must be able to diffuse essential oils and pleasant smells. it should purify a room, leave a scent and provide all the benefits of natural plant extracts. But some diffusers have other features that can improve the experience and your well-being.

For example, our Symphoney model and our Lantao Bluetooth® speaker combine light and music with aromatherapy to awaken all the senses. To enhance your experience, you can choose the light intensity and colour to accompany the music of your choice. And as we have already mentioned, the Symphoney model operates with cool mist, so it can humidify your room and improve your breathing comfort while leaving a fresh scent. Smell, sight and sound: Aromasound diffusers go beyond simple aromatherapy.

Our products also include other features that make them easier to use. For example, our Lantao and Symphoney models are connected and controllable remotely from a smartphone or tablet. They also include a timer so you can programme your well-being sessions according to your schedule. All these features have been designed and tailored to each diffuser to provide you with an all-embracing experience.

3. Power supply

There are many ways to power your device: connecting to the mains, via USB with a cable or with a rechargeable battery. With the latter two solutions, you can easily move your portable essential oil diffuser from room to room within your home or even outside. At the office, at home, in your car... you can take your diffuser wherever you want.

4. Design and colours

Aromasound essential oil diffusers boast understated, clean and modern looks. This design was chosen to improve their practicality. Small and compact, they can slip into a bag and be taken wherever you go (in the car, at home or even at work). Our products are also ergonomic and designed for easy handling. They are the perfect blend of usability, design and ergonomics.

5. Price

Price is of course the final aspect to consider when choosing an essential oil diffuser. For your well-being, Aromasound has developed a range of diffusers that combine superior technology with synergies from organic ingredients. They are versatile, feature-laden, silent and high-performance products. But they are also affordable and accessible. You can now find an inexpensive essential oil diffuser that has everything you've been looking for.

Aromasound offers an affordable, accessible and unique multisensory experience. Take a look at our range of products to choose the right device for your special moments of relaxation.

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