Lavandin Grosso organic essential oil


Lavandin Grosso essential oil is known for its muscle relaxing properties. It is used to relieve sore muscles and cramps.

This essential oil is also used for its refreshing and deodorising qualities. That's why it's often found in household cleaning and laundry products.

When diffused, lavandin grosso repels various insects and creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere, while adding a gentle fragrance to your interior.

This oil is made from organic Lavandin Grosso and only contains organically farmed ingredients, certified by Ecocert.   

Composition: Lavandula hybrida oil. 100% of the ingredients are from organic farming.

Contient : d-limonene, linalyl aetate, linalool, cineol, 1-octen-3yl acetate.


Essential oils for diffusion only
Precautions for use of the synergy:
Avoid diffusing in the presence of children under 7, pregnant and/or breastfeeding women, people with epilepsy or those sensitive to essential oils. Keep out of children’s reach. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Always keep the instructions and the case for the synergy.

Huile essentielle Lavandin Grosso Bio
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