A cocoon of well-being is a little bubble in which you spend a pure moment of bliss. You don't need to go to a spa, massage parlour or aesthetician. Create your cocoon with essential oils and maybe a little music, soft lighting and a light mist.

Well-being and essential oil diffusion

Through atmospheric dispersion of essential oils with a diffuser, you can quickly create a cocoon of well-being at home. Essential oils are good for us, and although some are taken orally or applied to the skin, atmospheric diffusion is one of the best methods to reap their benefits without the risk of complications (like irritation or allergic reactions to some oils).

With inhalation via the olfactory nerve, information about the aromatic compounds in the oils and blends are quickly transmitted to the brain. This triggers a reaction more quickly, whether it's relieving anxiety or stress, relaxing the body or banishing dark thoughts.

How do I diffuse essential oils?

There are four ways to diffuse essential oils into the environment: by heat (gentle heat) or with anessential oil diffuser, which diffuses via nebulisation, misting or ultrasound.

Ultrasonic diffusion technology preserves the olfactory qualities of essential oils and does not alter their composition. This means they retain all their qualities, properties and benefits. Heat, on the other hand, can change or damage essential oil molecules, which means their properties may be lost. Ultrasonic diffusion, with or without water, is also gentler. It is the best choice for cocooning (not for therapeutic diffusion).

How do I choose the best essential oils for creating a cocoon of well-being?

Not all essential oils are suitable for atmospheric diffusion. Some are too heavy, while others can cause irritation with this type of use. We therefore recommend you choose essential oils labelled "For diffusion". Make sure you read all information you can find on essential oils (such as allergies and other contraindications).

All oils have their own unique properties. The same oil can have different effects and properties depending on the user, their physical and energy profile, and their requirements and preferences. Certain oils can be soothing, relaxing, revitalising, uplifting or even sleep-inducing.

There are also mixes, called essential oil synergies, that are designed to respond to more specific requirements, such as reducing anxiety, relieving tension in the back and improving sleep. To create a cocoon of well-being, you can choose a synergy especially for relaxation, such as the Zen synergy that we offer at Aromasound. All our synergies are pure and 100% natural. The essential oils they contain are from organically grown ingredients, guaranteed pesticide free.

Some recommendations

To benefit from all their qualities, make sure you follow the diffusion recommendations. The diffusion duration depends on the size of the location (inside or outside) and the number of people in the location. On average, you need about two to three minutes of diffusion per hour per person. To help with this, our Symphoney model includes a timer so you can programme the start and end of your diffusion. The diffuser automatically calculates the dosage.

We do not recommend diffusing near children under three years of age, elderly or sensitive people, and pregnant women. We also do not recommend diffusing while you sleep.

Music, mist, light... for complete bliss!

For an all-embracing cocoon, you can combine essential oils with other sensory comforts. We're talking music, a soft glow, perhaps a light mist. Our Symphoney and Lantao models generate a multisensory experience through smell, sight and sound.


OurAromasound wireless Bluetooth® speakers diffuse essential oils and music for ultimate peace of mind. Using your smartphone, you can choose to play music, pick a song and set the length of time. This is your chance to relax in a personalized cocoon of well-being.


Our Symphoney model diffuses a cool mist. It emits a light mist filled with essential oils and humidifies the air. Humidification is a softer diffusion method and improves breathing comfort.


Our Bluetooth® speakers also emit a soft halo of light in a colour of your choice (seven colours available). The light, which can be set to soft and filtered or strong and energising, adds ambiance to your home.

With diffused essential oils, your favourite music, a soft glow and a light mist, you can enjoy a perfect relaxing interlude in your day. Envelop yourself in your very own cocoon.

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