What is a portable essential oil diffuser?

To fully reap the benefits of aromatherapy, Aromasound offers essential oil synergies from organically grown ingredients and today's best technology. What do we mean by "best"? The ability to take your diffuser wherever you go and whenever you want. This is where our portable essential oil diffuser comes in. It gives you greater freedom to disconnect and enjoy a relaxing interlude.

What do we mean by a portable essential oil diffuser?

A portable essential oil diffuser has the following two features: it is powered by battery and it is compact. Diffusers with rechargeable batteries don't need to be constantly plugged in to an electric power supply. Their batteries are charged via USB and can emit scents, music and light* autonomously, like our Nebiase and Symphoney models.

USB essential oil diffusers are also designed to be especially easy to transport. Compact, lightweight and easy to use, our USB models Nebia, Nebiase and Lantao have been designed to be used in exactly the same way wherever you are: at home, in the office, in your car... But don't worry; they don't use water so there's no risk, no matter where you take them. With Aromasound there are no restrictions to your well-being and certainly no physical restrictions.

Our diffusers are connected, but not to the wall!

Exactly! They are modern, compact, stylish and connected to our digital world. But they don't need to be physically connected all the time...

A rechargeable essential oil diffuser

Our Nebiase set and Symphoney model prove that they don't need to be connected to the wall to create an ambiance; quite the opposite in fact. The Nebiase set includes the Nebia diffuser and a USB charging base. This makes it completely autonomous and independent. It's an exclusive product by Aromasound. Note: the product works with the included charging base. However, Nebiase is also available with a micro-USB cable if you want to easily power it anywhere (laptop, car, office, home, etc.).

Speaking of ambiance, Symphoney diffuses essential oils, music, light and a light mist to create a specific atmosphere (relaxing, soothing, stimulating, etc.) wherever you are. And it can do all this autonomously because it's also available with a micro-USB powered rechargeable battery.

These autonomous models also boast the same capacity as all our products: they can fill a room of up to 30m 2 with scent. Nebiase and Symphoney are compatible with Aromasound synergies and a 10ml bottle is included. And don't worry: they are ultrasonic diffusers and therefore release essential oil synergies without heating or damaging them.

Nebia and Lantao, our USB essential oil diffusers

The Aromasound range gives you complete freedom: they can be taken anywhere. The Nebia and Lantao models are small, lightweight and compact. They are designed to slip easily into a bag and connect to any USB port. Because they can go with you on holiday and public transport, these models are a practical and great everyday choice. They can follow you everywhere and create a scented and healthy environment wherever you go.

They are powered by USB with a micro-USB cable, which you can connect to a computer, television, alarm clock or any other USB port. In terms of capacity, these models can fill a room of up to 30m 2 with scent.

For a special wellness break, all our essential oil diffusers are compatible with our Aromasound organic essential oils. A 10ml bottle is included in the box. They work with ultrasounds (ultrasonic diffusers) to protect the fragile essential oil molecules. They don't heat or damage them.

They are portable but breakable, so handle them with care. And make sure you clean them (especially when changing scents).

* Only available with Symphoney

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