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Following your purchase, you experience a problem:

- With the use of your product: please read carefully the end user manual inserted in the packaging of your product or downloadable from the product reference of this website. 

- With the use of the application: please read the manual downloadable from the app or from this site.

If the problem cannot be solved, you may send an email (in English or French only) to

- When connecting your speaker please select "name of the product" in the Bluetooth settings of your device. Do not use "name of the product_Ble".

- To keep your diffuser in good condition, remember to clean it regularly. Here are a few tips.  

- To help you using some of our diffusers, here are some tutorials available on our YouTube channel 'Aromasound':

- If you experience an allergy using an essential oil, please contact your doctor or a Poison Control Center. 

- If you experience a problem with a defective product, if a product part is missing, or if you want to return your product, please read carefully our sales conditions and contact our after-sales service. Details are on your invoice.

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