Portable, lights, music, or a fusion of all three ...
Aromasound diffusers reinvent aromatherapy every day. By associating smells, sights and sounds, Aromasound awakens your senses and invites you to moments of well-being. 

The effectiveness of essential oils is recognised: they make us feel good.
These powerful natural plant extracts combine to form synergies, sometimes stimulating or relaxing, among other valuable effects. To take advantage of their benefits, the Aromasound range of diffusers combines the best of technology with blends of essential oils from organic farming. Aromasound diffusers use a technology based on inaudible ultrasound for diffusion into your surroundings, which respects the fragile components of the essential oils, without heating them. 

To combine the senses and even more well-being, we offer models that serve as both broadcasters and wireless Bluetooth® speakers. The Aromasound range includes the Symphoney, Lantao and Lilycherry models. On request, these speaker-diffusers can also emit a selection of soft luminous coloured lights, ideal for contributing to the ambiance of the home. Our speaker-diffusers provide the perfect atmosphere by associating smell, sight and sound to draw out the best part of our mixes of essential oils, whether relaxing, energising or cleansing. In addition to these features, the Kumo broadcaster
also acts as a wake-up call for the perfect morning start or to fall asleep serenely with the sounds of nature. 

Dependant on the diffuser model, our essential oils are used directly from the bottle or in combination with water as featured  in the Symphoney model. In this case, a mist, which moistens the air, adds to the beneficial effects. Our Nebiase and Lantao models also work on battery providing you with the perfect portable solution for any areas where power is a problem.

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