Profitez d'une enceinte Bluetooth®, d'un diffuseur d'huiles essentielles et d'une ambiance lumineuse tamisée avec Symphoney : toutes ces fonctions en un seul produit esthétique, compact et nomade grâce à sa batterie rechargeable. Symphoney utilise la diffusion ultrasonique par brumisation à...
L’été est arrivé et avec lui ses journées plus longues et tellement agréables. Le plaisir des soirées estivales, des apéros entre amis, des vacances tout simplement avec une note parfumée grâce au Lampion d’Aromasound. Lampion est un diffuseur par brumisation à froid...
Que ce soit pour la fête des Mères, un cadeau d'anniversaire, une pendaison crémaillère, un cadeau d'amitié, Aromasound vous propose ce coffret Douceur & Relaxation comprenant le diffuseur brumisateur Symphoney accompagné de la synergie Nuit Sereine, de l'huile essentielle Bio...
L'été s'est installé et pour profiter pleinement de ces longues soirées d'été, de ces doux moments de détente, Aromasound vous propose de découvrir les bienfaits de la diffusion d'huiles essentielles associés à la musique et la lumière.  Le coffret Fraicheur...
Avec le coffret Fraicheur & Vitalité Lantao, offrez-vous une pause, relaxante et revitalisante. Un coffret idéal pour découvrir les bienfaits de la diffusion d'huiles essentielles par ultrasons mais pas que ! Lantao est également une enceinte musicale Bluetooth entièrement pilotable...
Coffret Pureté & Réconfort
Tout-en-un ! Le plaisir de la diffusion d’huiles essentielles 100% issues del’agriculture biologique dans un diffuseur nomade sans fil lumineuxégalement enceinte Bluetooth, tel est le programme que nous vousproposons avec ce coffret Aromasound. Composé du diffuseurSymphoney et des huiles essentielles...
Coffret Fraicheur et Pureté - SYMPHONEY
Le cadeau parfait pour une parenthèse de bien-être ! Avec ce coffret composé du diffuseur Symphoney et des huiles essentielles 100% Bio Citron & Lavande ainsi que de la synergie purifiante et désodorisante Alizé, vivez un moment d'anti-stress, de relaxation,...
Coffret Douceur & Relaxation
Voici un coffret cadeau idéal pour de multiples occasions de relaxation, de protection ou de réconfort. Composé du diffuseur Symphoney, également enceinte musicale Bluetooth lumineuse, de la synergie OUTDOOR Made In France 100% Bio et des huiles essentielles Lavandin Grosso...
Relaxez vous avec l'enceinte Bluetooth® diffuseur d'huiles essentielles Lantao. Utilisant la diffusion ultrasonique sans eau, Lantao fonctionne sur batterie rechargeable pour vous permettre d'emporter votre diffuseur enceinte où vous voulez. Lantao se recharge par micro-USB pour une autonomie de 8h....
Coffret Symphoney Tranquilité & Vitalité
Un beau coffret Aromasound à offrir sans limite pour profiter d'une parenthèse de bien-être ! Cèdre, Citronnelle et Tonus associées au diffuseur lumineux et sonore SYMPHONEY, le best-seller de nos diffuseurs. SYMPHONEY est un diffuseur par brumisation à froid. Il fonctionne...
Coffret Plaisir & Sérénité Symphoney
Tout-en-un ! Le plaisir de la diffusion d'huiles essentielles 100% issues de l'agriculture biologique dans un diffuseur nomade sans fil lumineux également enceinte Bluetooth, tel est le programme que nous vous proposons avec ce coffret Aromasound Plaisir & Sérénité. Offrez-le...

Use an Aromasound Bluetooth® speaker for your well-being

Aromasound portable diffusers blend light and music. Our wireless Bluetooth® speakers stream your favourite tunes so you can enjoy moments of personalised relaxation.

What is a Bluetooth® speaker?

A Bluetooth® speaker is a device that lets you easily play music wherever you are. This music player connects to your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth® to stream your choice of music through its inbuilt speaker. It provides more power and better sound quality than a computer, smartphone or tablet. And it can often operate for many hours without being plugged in. Portable, wireless, connected and autonomous: Bluetooth® speakers offer musical freedom.

Aromasound Bluetooth® speakers also boast additional functions. As well as music, they also diffuse essential oils. In this way, they stimulate the senses of smell, sight and sound to create a multisensory experience.

Organic essential oils are known to be effective wellness products. Whether they are used for their relaxing, stimulating or purifying properties, they all offer pure moments of well-being.

Lilycherry, Symphoney and Lantao play in concert for your well-being

Our Lilycherry, Symphoney and Lantao models are essential oil diffusers and Bluetooth® speakers. These products awaken most of your senses as they also emit an adjustable and coloured glow* to stimulate your eyes in addition to your nose and ears.

These diffuser-speakers are connected: they can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet with the dedicated Aromasound app (or Aromalife for Lilycherry). With these apps, you can control the essential oil diffusion (continuous or intermittent), the light* and the music. Select your favourite music from your collection to create a musical backdrop to your special moments of well-being. Thanks to the inbuilt timer,** you can programme your wellness breaks, whether you want to wake up with light, relax at bedtime, practise yoga or simply take a time-out during the day. Aromasound diffusers use ultrasonic technology to diffuse essential oils into the air. This method preserves the fragile composition of the oils.

Lantao, which integrates the Nebia USB diffuser, operates without water. This portable diffuser can be taken anywhere for relaxing moments with music wherever you are and whenever you want. Symphoney is a cool mist diffuser. As well streaming music, it purifies and humidifies the air, while leaving a fresh scent. Both speakers produce 15 watts maximum of music power. With this audio quality, rooms of up to 30m2 can be filled with scent and well-being. They have rechargeable batteries and can run for several hours without being plugged in. You can then recharge with a micro-USB cable. Lilycherry runs off mains electricity but diffuses essential oils with cool mist (350ml reservoir capacity) and plays your favourite music while emitting a soft light.

Essential oils, music, filtered light: all ingredients for pure well-being in a single, connected device. Available in black or white, subject to available stock.

* Light effects are only available on Symphoney and Lilycherry

** Different functions according to model


To help you wake up on the right side of the bed, sometimes you just need the right alarm clock. And what could be better than naturally waking up to soft dawn light and the sounds and smells of nature?

What is a sunrise alarm clock?

Classic alarm clocks jerk you out of sleep with an alarm sound. A sunrise alarm clock uses light instead. It reproduces the light of dawn, gradually getting brighter and filling your room with light – just like the rising sun. If first emits a soft light, like the morning's first glow, then slowly gets brighter and brighter.

Even with your eyes closed, your brain perceives this change in light. The information is transmitted progressively and your brain slowly prepares your body for waking up. It modifies your body temperature to take you from a sleeping to a waking state. The transition is softer and more natural than with a radio or alarm, which interrupt our sleep with a sudden and loud noise. To be gentler on our bodies, a sunrise simulator also plays sounds of nature to accompany the change in light. The light and nature sounds emitted by the device combine to wake you up completely.

Kumo, the Aromasound sunrise simulator

Light, nature sounds… Kumo is a unique sunrise alarm clock because it has an additional function: it is also an essential oil diffuser. So you can now enjoy the sound, light and smells of a beautiful morning. As well as brightening the room and playing sounds of nature, it also purifies the air and fills the room with scent as soon as day breaks. This extra feature ensures you experience full immersion in nature while cleansing and sanitising the air after a long night's sleep.

This essential oil diffuser is an ultrasonic device. This gentler technology preserves the composition of the 100% natural essential oils made from organically grown ingredients. Kumo uses LED lights with variable intensity to mimic the rising sun. And it uses Bluetooth® to play music, like our other Aromasound Bluetooth® speakers.

Wake up naturally to nature

There are many benefits to a sunrise simulator, especially its ability to wake you up peacefully to the sounds of nature. It's a more natural and more gentle method.

More natural

Sleeping in the dark is very comfortable. But when the alarm clock pulls us out of sleep, our bodies can feel very disorientated. Waking up in the dark is not natural. On the contrary, gradual brightening light from a sunrise simulator helps our brain to gradually and gently wake us up.

First through light, then with sound, as if we're waking up surrounded by nature as the sun rises. This light therapy helps us to restore our biological clock.

More gentle

Radio alarm clocks and other smartphone alarms interrupt our sleep harshly. Our brains are jolted and don't have time to prepare for wake up. With these types of alarms, you can often feel...

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