You may have seen and used essential oils at various wellness sessions, like massages, spas and skincare treatments. You can prolong your clients' wellness session by diffusing essential oils into the air with a diffuser for professionals. Yes, Aromasound diffusers are aimed at professionals too. Masseurs, kinesiologists and beauty institutes will love their practical, functional and stylish design. And they smell wonderfully, of course!

Essential oils promote well-being

Essential oils are widely used at beauty institutes as treatment products. They are used directly on the skin to transfer their properties through dermal exposure. You can now prolong their effects, and the well-being of your clients, by diffusing specially formulated essential oils into the air. They are ideal for beauty institutes or professional services like massage, kinesiology and naturopathy.

Diffusers transform and release essential oils as microparticles and droplets into the air to purify, relax or promote well-being. Information about their composition and properties is then transmitted directly into the brain via the olfactory nerve. Oils act on the brain and rapidly trigger a reaction or emotion. In this way, they are your partners in attending to the well-being of your clients.

All organic oils and blends (which we call synergies) target a specific need. You just need to find a synergy that complements the treatment you provide to maximise its effects: relief, muscle release, relaxation or even an energy boost. For example, our Zen synergy, which uses organic natural plant extracts, promotes well-being and relaxation. It's ideal for gentle massages and other energy treatments. On the other end of the spectrum, our Tonic synergy is perfect for invigorating massages and facial treatments. You can construct your sessions by adding aromatherapy as a complement to your treatments.

Essential oils also release a pleasant and comforting scent. They add a special ambiance to a room and put clients in the right mood. And at the end of the day, they can achieve an additional goal: cleanse a room and purify the air to ensure your environment is in great shape the next day.

Benefits of using an Aromasound essential oil diffuser in a professional setting

1. Portable

Aromasound essential oil diffusers are portable and can be used in rooms of up to 30m2. So they are ideal if you provide independent, professional services and if you regularly travel to your clients' homes. Just take the diffuser with you!

Their portability stems from the way they are powered. Certain models, like Nebia and Nebiase, connect and charge via USB. Others, like Lantao and Symphoney, include a rechargeable battery. These autonomous and portable devices can go with you anywhere.

2. Versatile

Aromasound well-being diffusers are not just limited to aromatherapy. They stimulate several of our senses – smell, sight and sound – to provide multisensory experiences. Our Symphoney and Lantao models emit a soft halo of light to create a subdued ambiance or even a lively one. You can control the light intensity and choose from a range of colours to create the right atmosphere for your treatments, preferences and goals.

The Symphoney and Lantao also stream music. They are in fact wireless and connected Bluetooth® speakers. They can play relaxing, energetic or soothing music, depending on the treatment you are providing.

Our Symphoney model is also a cool mist diffuser. In addition to diffusing essential oils, music and light, it releases a light mist that humidifies the air, making it more comfortable to breathe.

This multifunctionality allows you to offer different experiences in your treatment sessions – audible, visual and olfactory. With our diffusers, you can create tailored treatments that truly meet the needs of your clients.

3. Understated and stylish

Aromasound essential oil diffusers are small and discreet. They are unobtrusive and fit right into your professional environment. They are compact designer products with understated colours. Pick whichever suits your environment best.

4. Silent

Diffusers complement or prolong treatments with their aromas; they should never disturb it. There are several types of diffusers available, but not all are compatible with professional services. It's best to avoid nebulising diffusers, which are noisier. Our Aromasound diffusers use ultrasounds and are therefore ultrasonic devices. Not only does this technology help to preserve the oils' properties, it is also completely silent. There's no noise to disturb your treatment session.

Whatever your profession, using an essential oil diffuser for professionals can enhance the customer experience and bring a new dimension to your treatments.

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