GIFTBOX SOFTNESS & RELAXATION - Symphoney / Spring Offer 2020

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Whether for Mother's Day, a birthday gift, a housewarming party, a gift of friendship, Aromasound offers you this Softness & Relaxation box set including the Symphoney misting diffuser accompanied by the Sweet Night synergy, essential oil Organic Lavandin Grosso and organic essential oil of Mint.

The cozy atmosphere will be created with the scent of Sweet Night, a 100% Made in France synergy, made from 100% organic farming from Lavandin Grosso, Sweet Orange, Mandarin and Ylang Ylang.

The relaxing and soothing atmosphere will be given by the essential oils of Lavandin Grosso and Mint. Their fragrances, not intoxicating, generally provide rapid relaxation and appreciated by all.

The Symphoney, a luminous essential oil fogger, can be placed in different places thanks to its rechargeable battery. There is also a Bluetooth music speaker that you can manage using the Aromasound app, available for free on iOS & Android. An innovative diffuser preserving the molecules of essential oils since it works by ultrasound.

The Softness & Relaxation - Symphoneyset is a limited offer and is part of the Aromasound Spring 2020 Capsule collection.

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