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Symphoney: a Bluetooth® speaker, essential oil diffuser and soft lighting in a single device. And with an integrated rechargeable battery, you get all these features in a stylish, compact and portable product.

Symphoney is a cool mist ultrasonic diffuser. This completely safe method preserves the fragile molecules and benefits of essential oils. 

Symphoney is also a humidifier thanks to an integrated water reservoir, into which you add your drops of essential oils. Easy to use, Symphoney creates a cosy environment wherever you are in your home. It's perfect for creating your own special cocoon of relaxation!

Symphoney can be controlled with the inbuilt timer or with the Aromasound iOS/Android app..


The application is compatible with Android 7 and up or iOS 10 and up

Key features:

  • Bluetooth® speaker
  • 15 watts total music power
  • Lighting effects - 7 colours with intensity control
  • Timer: 30/60/120/180 min
  • Continuous or intermittent diffusion mode
  • Cool mist/ultrasonic diffuser
  • Automatic shutoff when the water level is too low
  • 5200mAh rechargeable battery, charges via micro USB (cable included)
  • Up to 8h battery life
  • Ideal for filling a room of up to 30m2 with scent
  • Dedicated Aromasound iOS and Android app
  • 1 Trade Wind essential oil synergy included (10ml)
  • Compatible with Aromasound essential oils - Best suggestion for diffusion

Cleaning your diffuser:

Clean the water compartment between uses. Use a damp cloth to clean the metal sensor in the reservoir. If you find limescale on the sensor, dip a cloth in white vinegar to clean it.

Symphoney documentation:


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