Wake up gently and refreshed with or without a calming aroma, fall asleep with a soft coloured light and relaxing music or program the remote diffusion of essential oils. These are just some of the functions of Kumo, the first Bluetooth® alarm clock with diffusion of essential oils and lighting.

Enhance your senses early in the morning or fall asleep serenely with the included Sweet Night synergy. Kumo offers a dawn simulation of different colours to help you rise or fall asleep, accompanied by sounds of nature.

With Kumo, program up to 2 alarms, setup the diffusion of essential oils 10 minutes before the alarmand choose between the sound of the alarm chime or one of the pre-recorded relaxing atmospheres.

You can also program any preset time to diffuse the scents with one of the scheduled time modes and the weekly repeat rate. So, when you come into your room, a sweet smell will comfort you. Up to 3 settings can be saved in this way. Imagine returning in the evening in a gently scented habitat, all your worries of the day will ease and you will create this interlude of bliss and relaxation.

Kumo can be controlled using the Aromasound application available on Android and iOS. IOS 10 and above or Android 7 and above systems. 


  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Dawn Alarm Clock
  • Ultrasonic Diffuser of essential oils
  • Silent diffusion
  • Without water! Screw the bottle directly into the cover.
  • 3 preset diffusing modes
  • Diffuser timer
  • Dimmable LED display
  • 3 preset themes for light and sounds (Ocean/Forest/Sunrise)
  • 7 dimmable light colors
  • iOS & Android dedicated application
  • 1x10ml "Sweet Night" Synergy included
  • Only compatible with the Aromasound Essential bottles
  • A/C Adaptor included

Before using KUMO as a diffuser:

  • Open the essential oil bottle
  • Insert the wick in the dropper
  • Screw the bottle into the diffuser
  • Close the diffuser cover and switch it on

If you don't use the KUMO for a couple of days, please retrieve the bottle and close it with the secured cap.

Diffuser maintenance:

For an optimal use, the diffuser should be regularly cleaned with white vinegar. Once a week or whenever you think it should be done. Please read our advice.   

Documents related to the product:

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