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Want a Zen attitude? Lilywood submerges you into a cocooned environment, thanks to the diffusion of essential oils, a subdued lit atmosphere and soft music. Controllable with a free application to refine your aroma level, light intensity or program the diffusion time, as well as adding humidity to your living space.

Easy to use :

  • Fill the tank up to the "MAX" line 
  • Add your drops of essential oils or drops of the Synergie Zen offered with your product
  • Close the cover, turn it slightly so that it is airtight during diffusion.
  • Get started. You can use the buttons on the product and connect via Bluetooth to listen to your music or you can control your Lilywood diffuser with the Aromasound application.
  • Recommended dosage of essential oils: 2 to 3 drops per 100ml of water

Light control:With the application, choose your colour and select the light intensity. You can switch the light emitted by the diffuser on or off completely. But what a cosy and warm atmosphere you will get with this soft light. Relaxation guaranteed!

Humidifier:Thanks to its large tank, Lilywood can be used as a room humidifier. Fill the water tank, preferably non-calcareous, and switch on the diffuser. No need to add essential oils in this case.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth®
  • Total music power 10Watts
  • 7 coloured light effects with dimmer and smooth mode
  • Timer : 30 – 60 – 120 – 180 minutes.
  • Continuous or intermittent mist mode
  • Ultrasonic diffuser, cool mist
  • Water capacity 350ML
  • iOS and Android app
  • AC adaptor Included
  • 1 x 10ml-Zen Synergy included.

Very easy maintenance: a cloth & white vinegar

Lilywood est piloté grâce à l'application Aromasound disponible sur Android et iOS. Cette application est compatible avec tous les systèmes iOS 10 et + ou Android 7 et +.

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