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Se lever en douceur avec ou pas une petite odeur olfactive, s'endormir avec une lumière colorée tamisée et une musique relaxante, programmer la diffusion à distance, telles sont quelques fonctions de Kumo, le premier réveil Bluetooth avec diffusion d'huiles essentielles....
€54,90 €44,90

To help you wake up on the right side of the bed, sometimes you just need the right alarm clock. And what could be better than naturally waking up to soft dawn light and the sounds and smells of nature?

What is a sunrise alarm clock?

Classic alarm clocks jerk you out of sleep with an alarm sound. A sunrise alarm clock uses light instead. It reproduces the light of dawn, gradually getting brighter and filling your room with light – just like the rising sun. First it emits a soft glow, like the first light of a new day, then slowly gets brighter and brighter.

Even with your eyes closed, your brain perceives this change in light. The information is transmitted progressively, and your brain slowly prepares your body for waking up. It modifies your body temperature to take you from a sleeping to a waking state. The transition is softer and more natural than with a radio or alarm, which interrupt our sleep with a sudden and loud noise. For a gentler wake-up, a sunrise simulator also plays sounds of nature to accompany the change in light. The light and nature sounds emitted by the device combine to wake you up completely.

Kumo, the Aromasound sunrise simulator

It produces light and nature sounds, but Kumo is a unique sunrise alarm clock because it has an additional function: it is also an essential oil diffuser. So you can now enjoy the sound, light and smells of a beautiful morning. As well as brightening the room and playing sounds of nature, it also purifies the air and fills the room with scent as soon as day breaks. This extra feature provides even greater immersion in nature while also cleansing and sanitising the air after a long night's sleep.

This essential oil diffuser is an ultrasonic device. This gentler technology preserves the composition of the 100% natural essential oils made from organically grown ingredients. Kumo uses LED lights with variable intensity to mimic the rising sun. And it uses Bluetooth® to play music, like our other Aromasound Bluetooth® speakers.

Wake up naturally to nature

There are many benefits to a sunrise simulator, especially its ability to wake you up peacefully to the sounds of nature. It's a gentler and more natural method.

More natural

Sleeping in the dark is very comfortable. But when the alarm clock pulls us out of sleep, our bodies can feel very disorientated. Waking up in the dark is not natural. On the contrary, gradual brightening light from a sunrise simulator helps our brain to gradually and gently wake us up – first through light, then with sound, as if we're waking up surrounded by nature as the sun rises. This light therapy helps us to restore our biological clock.

More gentle

Radio alarm clocks and other smartphone alarms interrupt our sleep harshly. Our brains are jolted and don't have time to prepare for wake up. With these types of alarms, you can often feel disorientated and confused when getting up. With a sunrise simulator, there is no alarm, no deafening noise, no synthesised sounds. It plays sounds of nature for a gentler and less stressful wake-up for our body and mind.

So, to awaken from sleep more gently, we recommend choosing a sunrise alarm clock that includes a sunrise simulation with variable light intensity (light therapy) and also plays nature sounds. In addition, essential oils provide an even more natural environment for you to wake up in (and also purify your room)!

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