Symphoney, le diffuseur lumineux par brumisation à froid

With its unique design revealing the curves of a jar of honey, Symphoney invites relaxation!

At the same time diffuser of essential oils and luminous Bluetooth speaker, Symphoney offers a cold misting everywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery. This nomadic side will allow you to take Symphoney into many rooms to enjoy a sweet moment of relaxation.

Imagine yourself in your bath with a Zen olfactory atmosphere, soft music and a luminous halo. Wouldn't it be a pure moment of happiness.

You can also use it to fall asleep by reducing the concentration of drops and by programming the duration of diffusion through the application. Set the light intensity to its minimum and it will even become a night light to rock the youngest.

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Symphoney is a French design product from the Aromasound brand.

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