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The summer sweetness sets in and with it, the outdoor evenings. To fully enjoy the moments of relaxation, take the Lampion so that it adds a light, music and scent to this experience.

Lampion is a cold mist diffuser with a water tank, but also a powerful Bluetooth® speaker which can be controlled with the easy to use Aromasound application. Adjust the intensity and colour of the light, or use one of the pre-programmed themes, listen to your music in Bluetooth from your library or from a streaming application such as Spotify or Deezer.
Use the outdoor synergy supplied with your diffuser, or choose another fragrance of essential oils or organic synergy to subtly add scent your environment. 

Easy to use: Check that the cap is properly placed inside the tank / Fill the tank up to the safety line on the outside / Add up to 6 drops outside and up to 3 drops if you use it use indoors. However, the number of drops is very subjective, so you can adjust as you wish. The diffusion will stop automatically as soon as the water level is too low.

Brightness: The Lampion has a large lighting surface. You can use the light independently of the diffusion of essential oils, as well as without listening to music. It will make a perfect centerpiece or indirect lighting when hanging from a branch.

To find out how to clean your Lampion, read our Maintenance article.

Lampion is controlled using the Aromasound application available on Android and iOS. This application is compatible with all iOS 10 and above or Android 7 and above systems.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth®
  • Total music power 30 Watts
  • 7 soothing light colours
  • Timer: 30 - 60 - 120 - 180 minutes
  • Continue or intermittent mist mode
  • Ultrasonic diffuser / cool mist
  • Low water auto shut-off
  • Ideal to fragrance any room up to 30m²
  • 3 preset themes for light (Ocean/Forest/Sunrise)
  • Compatible with iOS and Android Aromasound app
  • 6600mAh rechargeable battery charged by micro-USB (cable included)
  • Up to 8h playtime
  • 1 x 10ml-Outdoor Synergy included. 

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