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Relax with the Lantao essential oil diffuser Bluetooth® speaker. Lantao is a waterless ultrasonic diffuser and has a rechargeable battery so you can take your diffuser speaker with you wherever you go. Lantao charges via micro USB and has an 8h battery life. You can also use all its features when it's plugged into a wall socket.

Specially created for your well-being, Lantao purifies the air and leaves a sweet scent. Lantao actually consists of two products in one, so you can diffuse at any time and anywhere. Lantao is a wireless speaker and includes the Nebia USB diffuser. Place a bottle of Aromasound essential oil in Nebia. Then place your Nebia in the Lantao and put the magnetic cover back on. Turn it on and start your music and/or the essential oil diffuser. To remove Nebia, take off the Lantao cover and remove Nebia from the base.

The Nebia included in Lantao can be plugged into a USB port (laptop type), a wall socket or a cigarette-lighter socket. You can take this ultra compact diffuser wherever you like. 2 products in 1!

Lantao is controlled with the Aromasound application available on Android and iOS. The application is compatible with Android 7 and up or with iOS 10 and up.

Aromasound Android Application


Key features:

  • Bluetooth® speaker
  • 15 watts total music power
  • Portable ultrasonic diffuser
  • Powered via USB
  • Silent diffuser
  • 3 preset diffusion cycles (20/30/60 min)
  • Charges via micro USB (charging cable included)
  • 8h battery life
  • Waterless, ideal for offices, cars or to perfume a room of up to 30m2 if used with a wall socket adapter (not included)
  • Dedicated Aromasound iOS and Android app
  • 1 Citrus Fruits essential oil synergy included (10ml)
  • Only compatible with Aromasound essential oils
  • You can use the included Nebia on its own by connecting Nebia via USB to a wall socket, cigarette-lighter socket or your computer's USB port. Nebia only includes the Bluetooth® speaker in the Lantao



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