Discovery Offer - Softness & Relaxation - 3 Organic Essential Oils / Spring 2020

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Discovering our essential oils and organic synergies, this Softness and Relaxation discovery kit allows you to appreciate the quality of our products and their benefits in distribution.

This kit is made up of the Sweet Night synergy, Lavandin Grosso essential oil and Wild Mint organic essential oil.

The Sweet Night synergy, much appreciated by our customers, is based on Lavandin Grosso, orange, black spruce and juniper. This composition, Made in France, has been designed to give you instant relaxation!

The essential oils of Lavandin Grosso and Wild Mint will also be unwavering allies to provide you with this sweetness and the soothing side that we are all looking for.

The Softness and Relaxation Discovery Kit is part of the Spring 2020 Capsule Collection. Don't miss it!

Kit Découverte - Douceur & Relaxation
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