Download the Aromasound app from Google Play or the App Store to get the most out of your diffuser/speaker.

With the app you can control the diffusion (time, type), the ambient light*, the wake-up, and your music thanks to integrated Bluetooth®!

The Aromasound app makes it all easier.  

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How does a connected essential oil diffuser work?

Aromasound gives you complete freedom. There are no restrictions to your well-being and certainly no physical restrictions. Lantao, Symphoney and Lilycherry* can be controlled remotely via the dedicated app. Whether you are already in your living room or a few minutes away from it, simply launch the app and enjoy a relaxing moment almost instantly. That's what a connected essential oil diffuser can do for you.

What is a connected essential oil diffuser?

Lighting, music, watches, essential oil diffusers... Connected objects are all around us. But what do we really mean by a "connected" essential oil diffuser?

This means that the essential oil diffuser can be controlled with a smartphone (or tablet): It can be controlled remotely via the dedicated Aromasound app available for Android and iOS.

These next-generation diffusers connect to smartphones via Bluetooth® just like music speakers. As for power, they simply charge via micro-USB.

Lantao, Symphoney and Lilycherry, our three connected essential oil diffusers

Symphoney is a wireless speaker, lamp and cool mist ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. So we can say it is "connected" to your well-being through aromatherapy and essential oils, through music and through ambient lighting. It's like the Swiss Army knife of essential oil diffusers. It purifies, humidifies and fills a room of up to 30m2 with scent, while also streaming music (up to 15W power) and emitting a soft halo of light. And the icing on the cake is that you can control all these features from your smartphone.

Symphoney and Lantao are our two connected devices that can be controlled with the Aromasound app. Lantao is a wireless speaker that includes our ultrasonic portable diffuser, Nebia. It is wireless and autonomous but can also be programmed via the app (downloadable online).

As for Lilycherry, it can be controlled with the Aromalife app, which is also available for iOS and Android. With this app, you can control the diffusion intensity and duration, the colour of the light emitted and what music you want to listen to.

So, what are the main features of the Aromasound app?

With the Aromasound app, available for iOS and Android, you can take control of your well-being: you control the lighting, diffusion of synergies and essential oils, alarms and music streamed by Lantao and Symphoney.

Essential oil diffusion

There are several options with this feature. First of all, you can turn essential oil diffusion on and off. You can also increase or decrease the intensity to your liking and choose between continuous or intermittent (1 pulse every 15 seconds) diffusion. Finally, you can programme and choose when to turn your well-being diffuser on and off with the timer function. It's up to you what day, time and duration you want for your aromatherapy sessions.


Symphoney and Lilycherry diffuse scent and light. They stimulate our sense of smell and vision. You can also programme this feature via the app: you can turn the light on or off, change the light colour (from seven available colours) and control the intensity. You can change your room's ambiance from your phone!


Symphoney and Lantao are primarily music speakers. Smell, sight and sound; as we said, Aromasound gives you complete freedom. Simply choose when to listen to music, which music and at what volume. Perfect for some alone time at home, relaxing and pampering yourself, or kicking back with friends with music and aromatherapy (15W total music power). Lilycherry is also a speaker so you can create relaxing ambient sounds.

Programming alarms on Symphoney and Lantao

With this feature you can programme alarms: set a day and time for an alarm and choose from several different "chimes". No, not for your phone, but for your connected essential oil diffuser!

To summarise, our Lantao, Symphoney and Lilycherry diffusers are connected to your phones and tablets for easy control. But more importantly, they are connected to your well-being.

* Note: Lilycherry works with the Aromalife app available for Android and iOS.

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