You probably know about the power of essential oils. These naturally active products are good for us. An essential oil synergy is simply a blend of several oils to target a specific need: your well-being.

What is an essential oil synergy?

An essential oil synergy is a blend or rather a combination of several essential oils or natural plant extracts that have been selected to achieve a specific well-being goal. Each oil has its own properties and unique characteristics. For example, some are used for relaxation, others for boosting energy or for purifying a room. When they are blended, their benefits are strengthened and maximised, or they can complement each other in other ways. This is the principle behind a synergy: working harmoniously together to create an enhanced combined effect – in this case, in aromatherapy.

Aromasound synergies are all made from organic ingredients and made in France. The organic essential oils used have been meticulously selected and are certified by Ecocert.

Why use a blend rather than a single oil?

Because we want to awaken your senses, provide a unique olfactory experience and create moments of pure bliss. Essential oil synergies combine the benefits of multiple oils into a single atmospheric diffusion (and with just a few drops).

There's also a practical reason for it. Essential oils can be used on their own or they can be combined with others. However, combining them to maximize their effects requires a certain expertise and special equipment. You can avoid using an approximated blend by using a premade synergy. With a ready-to-use bottle, you don't need to go back to chemistry class.

Tell us what you need, and we can offer a solution...

Relaxation, calming, energy, purification: whatever you're looking for, we have a synergy for that. With essential oil diffusers, you can disperse their qualities into the air for your own or the room's benefit (or even outside).

Relaxation, well-being, calming

The Zen synergy is composed of sweet orange, lavandin grosso, juniper and black spruce. All ingredients are 100% naturally derived.

Lavandin grosso promotes relaxation: it's often used for muscle relaxation (relief from cramps and stiffness) or to combat stress. As for juniper, it helps to relieve tension in the body. Used on its own, it alleviates rheumatism. Black spruce is traditionally used to fight fatigue and exhaustion to improve well-being. When diffused into the air, this synergy helps to achieve a state of relaxation and peace of mind.

Energy, vitality, momentum

Our Tonic synergy uses sweet orange as its base: it calms, soothes, relaxes and promotes a sense of well-being. In this blend, sweet orange is combined with plant extracts known for their tonic and stimulating properties: rosemary, lemon and exotic verbena. Exotic verbena is particularly prized for chasing away depression and dark thoughts and replacing them with a good mood.

Serenity, peace of mind, contentment (at bedtime)

The Night-time synergy was developed to encourage sleep and help you wind down at bedtime. It is a blend of natural extracts of ylang-ylang, sweet orange, mandarin and lavandin grosso, which we have already mentioned. Ylang-ylang is traditionally used for its calming properties. It helps relieve stress. As for mandarin, it helps digestion and alleviates stomach pains. It calms and rouses feelings of contentment.

Fresh, clean air indoors

Our Trade Wind synergy combines natural essential oils with anti-infectious and antibacterial properties to clean and purify the air. This synergy uses sweet orange as its base. It also contains essential oils of lemon, ravintsara, wild mint and Scots pine.

Ravintsara boosts energy and is used to fight off winter infections. Scots pine is also known to combat winter infections and to purify the air. Wild mint is a tonic and refreshing stimulant. It helps to rejuvenate the body and mind. This synergy adds a breath of fresh, cleansing and sanitising air to your room.

Well-being indoors, purity, relaxation

The Citrus Fruits synergy combines the properties of sweet orange, lemon and mandarin. It also contains essential oil of geranium, which is known to purify the air and for its anti-infectious and antifungal properties. This blend also includes grapefruit essential oil, which is revitalising, invigorating and known to promote good moods. This synergy is ideal for adding purity, relaxation and wellness to your home. It can also be used as a room odouriser.

Protection outdoors

Our Outdoor synergy combines natural extracts of lemon, lavandin grosso and Ceylon citronella. Citronella repels mosquitoes and other insects, which means you can enjoy evenings outside.

All our essential oil synergies are made from organically grown ingredients. And to fully benefit from their qualities, Aromasound diffusers release them into the air without heating them to protect their fragile composition.

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