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On a base of organic sweet orange, with notes of Scots pine and a touch of cinnamon as well as cloves, Synergy Cocoon will be your perfect ally for the winter season.

The sweet orange, citrus highly appreciated in many cases, will act on the good mood, will be useful to fight a temporary stress or a blow of spleen for eg. Its fruity, delicious smell is synonymous with vitality and recognized by all.
Scots pine has a toning effect. It will prove useful for purifying and perfuming a room. The Scots pine is also recognized for its "expectorant" virtues and against transient fatigue, anxiety and have an antibacterial.
The subtle and very light note of cinnamon and clove will bring the tonic and stimulating complement. 

Controlled by Ecocert

Composition: citrus aurantium sylvestris leaf oil, eugenia caryophyllus (clove) bud oil, cinnamomum cassia leaf oil / Sweet orange, Scots pine and clove organic essential oils, cinnamon essential oil

Contains: d-limonene, pinenes, eugenol, myrcen, cinnamaldehyde.

UFI: UE0Q-D10A-A00G-D4J0 


Use precautions:

Avoid diffusing in the presence of children under 7, pregnant and/or breastfeeding women, people with epilepsy or those sensitive to essential oils. Keep out of children’s reach. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Always keep the instructions and the case for the synergy. 

If you have hypertension, avoid using this synergy.

Please when using this synergy for the first time, we advise you to do it during the day. 

Synergie Cocoon
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