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Lilycherry is an essential oil diffuser Bluetooth® speaker for ultimate relaxation at any time. With its zen design, this product diffuses your favourite essential oils, purifies the air and fills the room with scent while also emitting a glowing halo of soft light.

Using cool mist diffusion, Lilycherry has a large 350ml reservoir for long diffusion and gentle humidification of the surrounding air. And with the Aromalife app available on Google Play and the Apple Store, you can easily control the diffuser with your smartphone or tablet. Choose the light effect, diffusion time, diffusion style and listen to music.

It's incredibly easy to use: fill the reservoir to the line, add a few drops of essential oil (the number of drops varies according to the type of essential oil and the scent effect you want) and turn it on. You can control the diffuser without the app and it can connect to your device via Bluetooth®; so listening to your music is a quick and simple process.

With Lilycherry, you can use each function independently if you want: just music, just diffusion or just a coloured light effect.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth® speaker
  • 15 watts total music power
  • Cool mist/ultrasonic diffuser
  • Silent diffuser
  • 3 preset diffusion cycles
  • Timer
  • LED display with intensity control
  • Lighting effects - 7 colours with intensity control
  • 350ml water reservoir
  • Fill a room of up to 30m2 with scent
  • Dedicated Aromalife iOS and Android app: control your diffuser and stream music with the app
  • Runs off mains electricity
  • 1 Zen essential oil synergy included (10ml)

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